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(EDEN Recordings : DGRZ

(PLUS8 Records : Auidiophile Deep)




Desert Dwellers DJ Set by Amani

Friday Night 10 PM - Midnight
Desert Trax : Black Swan Records : Twisted Records

Desert Dwellers consists of Amani Friend and Treavor Moontribe, who began their careers as independent music producers and DJs in the deserts of New Mexico and California. Coming together in the late '90s after connecting through the legendary Moontribe scene, today the duo enjoys a reputation as one of the most pioneering and prolific downtempo, psy-bass, and tribal trance acts in the United States. Desert Dwellers have toured extensively across six continents, spent a 7-week stretch on the road with renowned psychedelic artist Shpongle, and have performed at dozens of festivals, most notably Shambhala, Lightning in a Bottle, Envision, Coachella, Rainbow Serpent, and Boom. Taking a new approach to digital production, Amani and Treavor have combined the raw sounds of the natural world while skillfully blended deep bass, earthy percussion, etheric voices and cross-cultural instrumentation into sonic incense for the mind and body. Bringing the electronic music vibe to the yoga scene, and the sounds of yoga to the electronic dance scene, Desert Dwellers’ global sounds are the bridge between the worlds of dance and movement.


Donald Glaude

Saturday Night 8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Eden Recordings : DGR

A veteran DJ for over 15 years, Donald Glaude has cemented his reputation as a crowd-rocking favorite and one of the most in demand artists in the country. He is one of those rare DJs who perceives their role to be that of an all-around entertainer and performer. He exudes energy, dropping track after funky track, arms aloft, and has been known to join the dancers on the floor. It is the combination of these ingredients that have helped him create a unique connection with his audience. 
His DJing career began inauspiciously in his hometown of Tacoma, Washington, just outside of Seattle, with a pair of mismatched turntables and a Radio Shack mixer. In the clubland vacuum that existed in Tacoma, Donald had to teach himself to mix. After mastering the basic skills, Donald began DJing in various clubs around Tacoma and Seattle. He made several important connections during that time, including a friendship with another aspiring DJ by the name of Dan. Later, DJ Dan would convince San Francisco's Funky Tekno Tribe to let him play at one of their parties. Donald soon became a permanent resident of F.T.T. Donald's knack for working the crowd has earned him a huge underground following and has positioned him as one of the hottest DJs on the rave circuit. Alongside crowd pleasers like Carl Cox and DJ Dan, Donald whips the crowd into a frenzy at such annual events as Together As One, Cyberfest, Audiotistic, and Cool World, to name a few. Donald is consistently one of the biggest draws of the annual Moonshine Overamerica tours and with his popularity, can be routinely found spinning in such cities as Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Denver, Vancouver, Toronto and in his home town of Tacoma.


Deuce Parks

Saturday Night 10 PM - 11:15 PM
Plus8 Records : Audiophile Deep

DJ/Producer Roger Parks aka Deuce Parks blends sinister and brooding colors into his percussive, techno-driven sets. Heavily influenced by the likes of Depeche Mode, John Carpenter and Plastikman, he has been ripping apart dancefloors with his seamless blend of deep, hypnotic four-to-the-floor rhythms.
Deuce's passion for electronic music has been a part of his life for as long he can remember. From a young age he was already developing an ear for synthesizers and drum machines, and by age 16 he had already bought his first pair of decks. He became actively involved in the scene around the age of 21, and has worked hard to solidify his name as one of USA’s finest exports of deep tech and minimal.
Today, Deuce has been meticulously carving out his own niche in the electronic scene in Austin, and has garnered significant success. His track entitled ‘Dream Warriors’ took the world by storm, receiving praise from Richie Hawtin and even making the cut on his BBC1 Essential Mix of 2016.
Deuce Parks is signed to a myriad of quality labels around the world, and is constantly expanding his reach with every release. The imprints currently housing his music include Shinocs Music, Lethal Script, Psicodelica, Progrezo Records, Mandelstam Music, LW Recordings, iTop, Empro Beat, Audiophile Deep and now PLUS8 Records


Victor Dinaire San Diego, CA

Saturday Night 11:15 PM - 12:30 AM
Pharmacy Music

There are few who can command the type of influence Victor Dinaire has in the dance world. From his chart topping mix Albums to his massively popular radio shows, Dinaire has established himself as a self-made trance sensation. With support from some of the biggest radio networks in the world, Victor Dinaire’s mix shows are distributed to over 100 FM radio stations in North America as well as the long running residency on Digitally Imported Radio ( The demand for his live-show equally matched, Dinaire's uncompromising sound has carried him across the globe from New York to Vietnam with headlining gigs and festival shows alongside heavyweights such as Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold, and more. With his recent productions climbing to the top of the charts, Victor has remixed artists such as U2, Major Lazer, M83, Nile Rodgers, Snoop Dog, and Madonna to name some. His remixes have hit the coveted Billboard # 1 dance chart several times and its only the beginning.


PARADIGM Los Angeles-CA 

Saturday Night/Sunday Morning 1:45 AM - 3:15 AM
Pulse SF : Sculpted Sounds

Known for his detailed and surgical mixing style, a well curated taste of music and the ability to weave a story through a set regardless of style or time of day. Paradigm is a DJ's DJ. A rare slice of the old school that still believes in the "art of the mix" and the story telling journey aspect of a performance. 
Residing in Los Angeles since 2013, Paradigm has found himself a mainstay of the United States Psychedelic scene for multiple generations having previously called San Francisco, Denver and the American Midwest as home. As both a event promoter and DJ he has long brought forth a ethic of professionalism and exceptionalism.
The years have seen him associated with many major players in the global scene. As a promoter, he is a integral part of the Pulse Events team, a event organization that can easily be argued as being the most regarded Psy oriented crew in the United States. Wearing his DJ hat as he refers to it, Paradigm has been a label DJ for Blacklite Records and United Beats and farther in the past for Maia and Mindfunk records. With multiple well charted compilations to his name, he continues to show that his finger is always on the pulse of Trance, no matter the era.
In 2018 he has launched Sculpted Sounds,his own label project with the intent on raising the bar of the United States and North America's contributions to the world wide scene. While Paradigm has enjoyed considerable success throughout his home continent 2018 is looking like a global breakout year for him alongside Sculpted Sounds.
Sometimes controversial but always passionate one would be hard pressed to deny his drive and love for Psychedelic , Full On and Progressive Trance.​


No Cliu Los Angeles-CA

Saturday Night/Sunday Morning 3:15 AM - 4:15AM
Excusive TAG TEAM Set No Cliu vs Triceradrops 5:15 AM - 6:30 AM

Pulsar Music : Pharmacy Music

Born in Beijing, China, No Cliu relocated to New York at the age of six and a few years later moved to Southern California where he was primarily raised.

No Cliu's love for electronic music started as a teenager when he was first introduced to Progressive Trance and Drum and Bass. It wasn't until he moved to Japan at the age of 22, that he discovered Psytrance and its culture. It was in Tokyo that No Cliu discovered his new musical passion and began DJing at various small bars and clubs all over the city.

No Cliu remained in Japan for five years and in 2011 he returned to Southern California. Upon his return, he actively looked for a Psytrance scene in the United States.
This search led him to groups like Psytribe, Pulsar and Pulse where he would remain active in the scene and later became an official team member of Pulsar.


Triceradrops Los Angeles-CA 

Saturday Night/Sunday Morning 4:15 AM - 5:15 AM
Excusive TAG TEAM Set No Cliu vs Triceradrops 5:15 AM - 6:30 AM

Pharmacy : Zombster Records : Unrstrctd
Triceradrops is the solo project from Los Angeles based producer, Julian Noriega. The unique sound of Triceradrops can best be described as a fusion of cutting edge Progressive Psychedelic Trance and hard pounding Techno - Highly influenced by his eclectic musical taste and background, JJ takes the dark ethereal energy of Metal, the thumping and pounding drive of Techno, and the polished and intricate storylines and production from Psychedelic Trance, and fuses them into a brand new concoction that is making noise on all sides of the globe! Triceradrops is part of a new generation of producers who is breaking down boundaries, and changing the landscape of the worldwide Trance movement with new and unique sounds that are sure to echo across dance floors for years to come! Triceradrops is also one of a small handful of rising producers from the USA - driving the scene to new heights and places it has never been before! Stay tuned for much much more coming from Triceradrops in the near future


Castor and Pollux Oklahoma City - OK

Saturday Night/Sunday Morning 12:30 AM - 1:45 AM
Fuzion Four

In Greek and Roman mythology, Castor and Pollux were twin brothers. Whose bond was so strong that Pollux shared his own immortality to keep his brother Castor alive. Together they became one, in a state of profound abstraction. Transporting through realms bringing a full-on fusion of hard, beating trance.
Tony Schultz (Castor) and Astone Massie (Pollux) are Psytrance Producers from Oklahoma City. Origins of which began officially in January of 2015. Die hard fans of Psytrance, who push their vibrations to the furthest reach of the kingdom to plant some psychedelic seeds. 
~Signed Tracks With~ @FuzionFour



Friday Night/Saturday Morning Midnight - 1:30 AM

Coming from the small town of Bulverde, TX, DRRTYWULVZ has been hard at work for the past five years; a passionate musical project aiming to take listeners on an interesting, electronica journey filled to the brim with brain-melting frequencies and earth-shaking bass. 

Levi Witt, the auditory wizard behind the impressively crisp production, currently resides in Austin where he continues inspiring dancefloors everywhere. Others have certainly noticed, and large festivals such as Symbiosis, Enchanted Forest and Burning Man have brought DRRTYWULVZ to their stages as he has released several albums, including his most recent creation, “Ah Yes”. 

The pleasantly alluring compositions of DRRTYWULVZ can be closely compared to the glitch and psydub of Tipper or Kalya Scintilla, yet his unique approach to euphoric dub styles is nothing short from extraordinary. Open your mind and prepare to howl at the moon, for the energetic melodies and innovative beat patterns of DRRTYWULVZ will blow you away.


Brett Johnson Austin-TX

Sunday Morning 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Get Physical : Classic Music

Brett's sound is best known as groovy, bumping house with a hearty dose of techno elements, crafted and mixed in a way that is truly identifiable as his own. Whether DJing or creating music, his wild card is an ability to inject warmth and soul into his electronic sound. The result is an impressive discography filled with unique statements, otherworldly surprises, and undeniable club stompers.

Releasing his first record in 1999 on the now defunct, Aesoteric Records, Brett has released over 100 records and remixes for some of dance music's best labels. The list includes Crosstown Rebels, Classic Music Company, 20/20 Vision, Get Physical, Visionquest, Magnetic, Freerange, Cynosure, F-Communications; the list goes on and on. Aside from a busy remix schedule, Brett is currently releasing his own music on the labels Visionquest, Classic Music Company, Get Physical and Cynosure Recordings.


Rev Kathy Russell Austin-TX

Saturday 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Sunday Morning (CHILL BEATS SESSIONS) 8:00AM - 10:00 AM

SUBstance TX : Ambient Camping : Winners Circle

The Reverend Kathy Russell is one of the most legendary and bad-ass dj's Texas has to offer. For years her hi-octane drum and bass sets have obliterated dancefloors all over America. Hailing from Austin, she got her start doing an ambient show called "Rainbow Freestyle" on KVRX 91.7 radio in 1995. Within weeks she began getting booked at chill rooms and raves, with bootleg mixtapes of the show reaching as far as New York and London. One year later she founded to the now infamous Ambient Camping series - all night outdoor camping events where dj's and musicians play ambient and downtempo. To date this series is still going strong, with die-hard members and "lifers" coming from all over the U.S. At the same time she founded the crew MANIFEST, a collective that now includes herself, DJ Flippy, Matty G, DJ Onelove, Princess Kelly, DJ Cherubic, DJ Whatamelon, DJ Bertbuds, Hilary Baker, Jotocol, Nicknosounds, and Butterfly Russell. In 1996 she had a life changing experience witnessing England's explosive drum and bass scene, and returned home to co-found the U.S.'s first all-female drum and bass crew, Rollers Redefined. Their weekly at the Red Room in Austin jump-started the city's drum and bass scene, and while the crew had their parting Kathy continued her solo mission preaching the gospel of bass all over the U.S. To this day Kathy has earned the reputation for being the cream of the crop when it comes to face-melting, soul-moving drum and bass assaults. Most recently she has become a proud member of Everydayjunglist - a collective quickly becoming the premiere crew in Texas Drum and Bass. As a producer, she has put out several downtempo and drum and bass releases on We Records, Silky Sensations, and RocknBass, with more currently in the works. When you want the best, you want the Reverend Kathy Russell. And yes, she is a real Reverend. For more information, visit


Steel Grooves Austin-TX

Saturday 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Capital Techno Recordings

Steel Grooves is the alter ego of Rex Bruton of Austin Texas USA. Rex began DJing in 1996 at the age of 15. Throughout this time, Rex has played the role of Promoter, DJ, Producer, and Label Owner. Capital Techno began as a DJ crew and eventually grew up to be a well respected label showcasing international techno artists. 
Steel Grooves currently holds a residency at Kingdom [Afterhours] Nightclub in Austin Texas. 2nd Saturdays of each month alongside KROX FM Hypersonic Radio personality Jason Jenkins and 3rd Fridays with the CTR DJ collective. 
Rex spends most of his free time running Capital Techno Recordings and producing music under multiple alias including Steel Grooves, Single Cell, Subforce (w Jeff F), Rex B, Groove Mekanics (w John Reyes). 
To Rex Techno is a religion. With over a decade of experience behind the dex, Steel Grooves consistantly delivers a unique dancefloor experience that can exceed ones imagination. Through the Good Bad & Ugly Steel Grooves will always seek to spread the word of the underground. Creating new fans is a challenging but exciting way of life .Rex's mission as a DJ is to continue to push the boundaries of mixing and production while staying true to his sound. He could care less about the glamour that some DJs seem to thrive on. He prefers to let the music do the talking...


Jeff Scroggin Austin-TX

Saturday Morning 11:00 AM - Noon
VAGABOND : Denied Music : Harmonious Discord : UOMO

Jeff Scroggin is back with a bearded vengeance. In a time before splintered genres sprouted like weeds, the artist formerly known as Twist-1 helped to cultivate electronic music in Texas. Infantine ravers in oversized pants frantically swept the floors for Jeff back in the 90s, catching him as part of house crew 626 Soul in Austin, and as a breakneck junglist across the state. After a lengthy hiatus, 2013 saw the return of Scroggin, as well as the reunion of 626 Soul at revered bar Plush. Shortly after, he was recruited by VAGABOND to join their monthly, and he joined Uomo to organize and play one-offs. But Scroggin isn’t just back on the streets — he’s been running amok in the studio. A decade after his 2004 release “Stress Free” on Chicago’s Bunchlox as one-half of Synchronized Suckas, Jeff released “Something” as Black Beanz with fellow 626er Coy West on Texas’ own Harmonious Discord. He then closed out 2015 with his first solo production “Light Sabotage” on VAGABOND Daniel Allen’s virgin label, Denied Music. Impressed by scraggly Scroggin’s undying efforts, Harmonious Discord and Denied Music released more of his work in 2016: “Deep Knows” (HD), “New Dubs” (HD), and most recently, “One Note Acid” (DM). Fans of the Austin mainstay can catch up with him through podcasts for Cream Couture Records, Denim Life, and Hypersonic Radio, as well as at Plush, Ethics, and the obscure Domelandia.


John Reyes aka Audio Mekanic Austin-TX

Saturday 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Capital Techno : Steady Rhythm

As a producer, John Reyes is recognized for his funky techno style as well as his darker sounds under the alias Audio Mekanic. Over a few short years he defined an underground rhythm that quickly gained support from major artists around the globe including Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna, Agent Orange, Luciano, Alexi Delano, Roger Sanchez, and DJ Sneak to name a few. His hard work and dedication in the studio paved the way on to numerous record labels including Bedroom Muzik, Bush, and Uniform. With solid remixes for established producers such as Flavio Diaz and Agent Orange, John continues to build his discography while operating his own imprint Steady Rhythm Recordings.

As a DJ, John has played alongside some of the best and well known talent including Stacey Pullen, Agent Orange and Tim Xavier. He stays well-planted in the underground Texas techno scene and continues to push his brand of funky tech to the dance floors with precise mixing skills and thoughtful programming. John has been holding his monthly club residency for over 5 years every second Wednesday called STEADY RHYTHM at PLUSH in Austin, TX.


8*B1T Austin-TX

Saturday Noon - 1:00 PM
Breakz R Boss Records : Broke Nasty

Keeping it fresh, keeping it broken, definitely keeping it nasty, and holding it down in “The Live Music Capital of the World”, Austin, TX, 8*B1t is very steadily gaining solid recognition in the breakbeat circuit. As a founding member of the funktastic party rockin' breaks crew Broke Nasty and equipped with a modest string of well received releases and remixes under his belt, his resume also includes a wide array of DJ sets and mixes with impeccable track lists boasting only the finest cutting edge broken beat noise that the genre has to offer.

Since breaking into the game with his first few releases on US breakbeat labels such as Kick It and Royal One, his punchy and in-your-face production style has garnered the attention and support of some of the most respected contributors in the game. Smashing together influences taken from his love for hip-hop, dubstep, drum and bass, as well as big beat and the classic sounds of nuskool breaks, his music always brandishes a dash of pure good old balls-to-the-wall attitude which is reflected in his live DJ sets as well. With a keen ear for sound and a dedication to ever-increasing quality and perfection in his craft, expect the nifty and nasty broken beat ruckus from 8*B1t.


Markus D Austin-TX

Saturday 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Denim Life : Familia

Markus D is a rising star in the world of house music and one to keep your eye on. This talented young DJ spins with an old school sensibility, starting at age 11 and brought up around veterans of the industry both local and international. For the last decade Markus has worked hard to earn his place opening for global talents like Hot Since 82 and Yousef in major touring venues such as Kingdom Nightclub and Vulcan Gas Company. Today at 20 years old he holds monthly residencies at Plush and Ethics Music Lounge in his hometown of Austin, TX – playing the heavy, groovy, bassline-oriented tracks that define his taste. In the studio he is laser-focused on developing his own brand of heat to drop on dancefloors around the world. From the beginning it has been a family affair with his number one influence: his father DJ/Producer Mark Denim. Mark and Markus created Denim Life Music in 2016 and today it’s rare to catch them performing apart from one another. Their latest project is called Familia – An Evening of House Music and Family. We live in a time where legends are passing away but the future remains in good hands with artists like Markus D pushing the boundaries forward, rooted in the wisdom of those before him.


DJAlchemy Austin-TX

Saturday Morning (CHILL BEATS SESSIONS) 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Sunday Morning (CHILL BEATS SESSIONS) 8:00AM - 10:00 AM

Chill Beats : Ambient Camping : Discotronix : Hypersonic Radio : Jiggle : Laidback Lounge : WE Records

Music takes you on a journey and DJAlchemy hasn’t stopped exploring the sounds of electronic music since 1991. Atmosphere is key to the sound that you will hear from him. Expect one of his widely popular Chill Beats sets when at a coffee bar or brunch time event focused on the sounds of downtempo. Deep and techy house or techno when playing at clubs like Ethics or droppin’ the funk and breaks at get down spots like Plush in the ATX. If you are out in the woods or on the beach in the middle of night then be prepared for something ambient and weird. And always keep your ears open for that future jazz sound that gets melted into each of his sets


Ram-z Austin-TX

Friday Night 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Under7 : Evolve

Ram-Z has been a Austin Icon for the last 16 years and has been growing within the global community ever since he jumped into the studio to create his souls expression.
Through his love of music Ram-Z has throws down beats that range in emotions and genre jumps. His sets can bring a tear to your eye or leave you drenched in sweat while you celebrate your journey on the dancefloor! His genre’s of music flow from Glitch, Midtempo, Breakbeats, 2Step, Trap, Bass Music, Dubstep and more!



Saturday 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

DROPT is a Dj/Producer from Austin Texas, known for hard hitting Basslines and in your face aggressive attack on genre labels, and versitile mixing that keep party goers dancing all night long! He’s shared stage with such World wide acts as Bro Safari, Snails, Mt Eden, Borgeous, Adventure Club, Aryay, Malaa, Illenium, RL Grime, Dirty Audio, Say My Name, GTA, Rainman, Grandtheft, HXV, Kill the Noise, Mashd n Kutcher, Branchez, Yellow Claw, Kayzo, Jay Hardway, and Candyland!
With close to two decade of Djing under his belt, DROPT formerly known as Juggernaut re branded in 2014 to focus on new music with the sole purpose to bridge the generation gap and break genre barriers! An Austin native, DROPT has watched his local scene evolve into the EDM mecca it is now known for, and he is looking forward to adding on his legacy in the ATX music scene on ear at time, with his blend of Bassmusic, House, breaks, Hip hop, DROPT want to show new generations that you dont have to paint your self into a corner with genres, that music is emotions and feeling expressed with sound!


Kit Likwid Houston-TX

Friday Night/Saturday Morning 3:30 AM - 4:30 AM
Psyciety : Kidz On Wax :  M.I.A. DnB

Kit Likwid began publicly performing and dancing in the EDM scene in 1996. She helped bring crowds in the pioneering days of the Houston, Tx scene and continues to do so to this day in other cities as well. She is indeed a well-known veteran of the Texas electronic dance music scene with a degree in Audio / Recording Technology. She plays and produces almost every genre there is. There is no genre she cannot play.
Kit has spent her years in the EDM industry helping the younger generations discover their music or dancing talents and teaching those who love to learn. Kit stands up for the rights of djs and the safety of party goers almost daily. She has played alongside many national and international headliners and has helped throw more events than can be counted. Never under-estimate her. She is a strong woman of many talents.
As a dj, her performances are technical as she plays like a real dj should, remixing the entire set. She also adds in her own sounds and beats giving the crowds a true part of herself. Dancing with the audience, her energetic music, and her inviting personality wins the hearts of the die hard edm fans.


Ozone Austin-TX

Friday Night 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Bringing two decades of experience to the decks, influenced by both domestic and global dance music culture, his sound is constantly evolving yet bound by that old school funky style. Ozone is always heating things up! Born on the dance floors of the early Texas rave scene, schooled in the art of Vibe and taught to respect the Groove above all else, Ozone learned well, giving the dancers exactly what they need. Known for the unexpected and relied upon for his deftness of skill, he quickly became a favorite among his peers. House parties to fashion shows, chill beats to techno breaks, when it matters most, reach for the Ozone... Safe as fuck!​


D.J. TradeMark Austin-TX

Sunday 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM
Sonar DNB : RAAAW Crew : Plush ATX

"Austin Texas Native DJ TradeMark has been roasting dance floors since the tender age of 14. Using his combination of blend-precision and multi-genre mashups, TradeMark has made himself a fixture in the Austin dance community. Having collaborated and provided opening support for some of the world’s top DJ-talent, and holding several long-term club residencies across Texas, this DJ is guaranteed to leave the crowd begging for one more track."


Mantoid Austin-TX

Sunday Morning 6:30 AM - 8:00 AM

Mantoid is a crystallization of the multi-faceted mind of Asa Walker from Austin, TX. Representing a vast network of sound producers and experimental artists from around the globe, he aspires to one day travel the lands and share his sonic library with the community at large. Mantoid plays a full spectrum of psychedelic sounds, spanning all conceivable tempos and styles, varying with environment. His sets range anywhere from psybient / bass music -to- hi-tech / psycore, and everything in between. “To infinity [BPM], and beyond!”


Gaddy Houston-TX

Saturday 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Bombstrikes Recordings : Adapted Records : Digital Whomp Records
Gaddy is a multi-instrumentalist/producer from Houston,TX. However, it is agreeable by most that he remains in a universe of intriguing atmospheres and lush sound textures. The deeper you immerse yourself, the more you will experience Gaddy’s amazing universe. Full of chill but very groovy and glitchy midtempo vibes, snugly blending the styles of funk and raw hip-hop between every kick and snare.


Insert Credit[s] Houston-TX

Friday Night 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The Bad News Bears of the Houston electronic music scene. As a DJ INSERT CREDITS plays new and experimental tracks rather than drumming out the same tried and tested bangers over and over again. He's also not a play and pack DJ, you'll often find him still hanging around at 6am after the masses have already left. INSERT CREDITS is in it for the long haul, and if you see him perform you will definitely remember it as something unique.


Ricardo Sandoval Austin-TX

Saturday Morning 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

In Sandoval’s madness, there is a tried and true method; that from randomness comes inspiration. In creating a high-energy environment, Ricardo Sandoval seeks to connect with each person in the room and get them dancing. A staple in the Austin and San Antonio nightlife scene, Sandoval has honed his craft since 1997 with a focus on the vivacity of House music. Step onto his floor and experience the soulful beats of a DJ that infuses joy into every track.


Oh My! Gondra Austin-TX

Sunday Noon - 1:00 PM
Austin Dance Syndicate : Bubblegum Mafia : ATX Ravers : BCS Ravers

Spreading feel good and high energy dance music across the state. Catering his sets to the theme of the event, he spins almost any genre but is passionate about the higher energy and feel-good vibes of Electro, House, Bass and Hardcore music. ♥


Paul James (PJ) Austin-TX

Saturday  2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Paul James is a DJ best known for Jungle and Drum and Bass in Texas. With almost 20 years of experience of DJing spanning from locations from Wisconsin to the southern states and overseas. He has hosted Stateside Sessions on "Our Mix Review" radio United Kingdom (2013-2014), "The Rinse Cycle" on Bounce Squad DJs radio out of Atlanta GA. (2016-2017) and held  a residency in Houston, Tx at the Toc bar as a Hip Hop DJ. With a love and passion for music and DJing,  Paul has the honor of representing the DJ crews, Scooby Doo Crew, Area 512 Ent., and Revolutions Ent.



Friday Night/Saturday Morning  1:30 AM - 2:30 AM

Producer / DJ / Co-Founder / Head of A&R / Artist Relations & Artist Development Representative at Multilux Recordings


SUBtle Chemist Houston-TX

Friday Night/Saturday Morning 5:30 AM - 8:00 AM

Purveyor of all forms of psychedelic music


UrLo Austin-TX

Friday Night/Saturday Morning  4:30 AM - 5:30 AM

Experimental Bass Producer from Austin, TX


Layer Houston-TX

Friday Night/Saturday Morning  2:30 AM - 3:30 AM

Experimental bass music from Texas


Rob Knowledge Austin-TX

Friday Night 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Bart Black Houston-TX

Sunday  1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Breaka OneNine Austin-TX

Sunday  11:00 AM - Noon

Luna Austin-TX

When I get a chance :)