Approved Camps


Ambient Camping

Ambient Camping is the premiere chillout camping series for Central Texans. Founded in 1995, it is the longest running event of its type. This community retreat offers attendees a myriad of musical and multimedia performances where the synthesis of mother nature and technology provide relaxation, rejuvenation, and a one of a kind experience.
Featuring DJS: 
Reverand Kathy Russell : Calm-E Scott : RUMBLEMONSTA : Cherubic and Watamelon : DJAlchemy : BeatFreak : Texas Down Temple


Yoni Heaven

YONI HEAVEN est. 2014
We follow the 10 principles of Burning Man on the playa as well as in the Default World.
We are a safe place for women and men; we follow the NO YONI LEFT BEHIND clause.
We live in the light of love, authenticity, integrity, and progressiveness. 
Oh yeah, and we like to party!
You've died and gone to YONI HEAVEN!
Featuring DJ: 
DJ BonTempo

The Vibe Collective

The Vibe Collective theme camp is comprised of old school underground music headz from Shreveport, LA to Austin, TX. We are purveyors of the underground and dedicated to bringing good vibes and dope music everywhere we go. Our DJ's share a philosophy that the art of DJ'ing is in the mix. Combining things never meant to go together is more than just what we do behind the decks, it's a metaphor for our lives, finding harmony and balance where none exists.
Featuring DJS :  
Bryan Charles : Alex Kidd : Lomax the Grey : Just George : Phamstar : Witch Doctor : Kazmix : Bobby Hass : Advan : CPR : Ron Legend : JT. Sky : Paul James

Adventure Buddies

Adventure Buddies is a camp to bring you wild adventures and just as wild of friendships. Coming with special adventures from mini-quests and treasure maps to late night music and dancing to last through the night. Our camp is guaranteed to spread smiles and make memories, so lets start our next Adventure!
Featuring DJS : 
Bubble Factory : Daddy’s Babygirl : D-Trip : Free Radical : Kaos : Oh My! Gondra : Trinitro : Finn the Human : Jake the Dog : Princess Bubblegum : Ice King : Lump Space Princess : Beemo : Marceline…seriously?

Good Vibe Tribe

Good Vibe Tribe is a collaborative art & music project. Tribe members take an active role in manifesting positive energy through the events we create, the art we provide, gifts we share, and spreading love through music!!
Featuring DJS : 
Bjorn Larsen : Skwiph : Normul : Matty-P : Bart Black : Steven Lawrence : Gobi : Ozone Konen : Blake? : Atwood : Monstar : Déjà Vu : Cre8nate : Victor Reyes : Kit Likwid : Deacon Strukt : DJ Ozone : Randall